Find exclusive handmade jewelry

Find exclusive handmade jewelry
Find exclusive handmade jewelry
Find exclusive handmade jewelry

Our Collections

Fabienne Kriwin Jewels is a boutique jewelry company based in Brussels. She creates  all her jewelry collections in 18 k yellow gold with a focus on timeless designs, refined elegance and local production.

Fabienne designs each of her collections with the intention of creating pieces that can be passed down through generations. Each creation is unique, made by local artisans based in Belgium, with expertise in traditional methods of crafting jewelry by hand.

Through her researches Fabienne Kriwin has developed a unique  brushed « toucher », it brings a warm and soft glow to the jewel.

Handmade in Belgium

Fabienne Kriwin works and produces with responsible local artisans. She values local production both because supporting the community is important to her and because it can reduce waste. Each jewel is handcrafted and engraved.

Fine stones and exceptional stones

Fabienne Kriwin uses only natural stones, selected one by one by her, according to their brightness and cut. The starting point of her design is always a « coup de coeur »,  she has for the stone.

She manages to ignite  the true beauty of the stone and enhance its magic with her feminine and elegant designs.The amazing shades of colors of the tourmalines, the intensity of the tanzanites, the wonderful nuances of the aquamarines, the density of rubies… and many more other exquisite stones have their true inner magic  enlightened.

Her inspiration comes first from nature around her. Fabienne keeps in mind shapes, impressions, sensations and colors … Fabienne Kriwin creations are more than jewels, they are pieces that have a soul.