A famous Belgian Jewelry designer

Fabienne Kriwin is a blessing for women who dream of an elegant jewel that combines an elegant and contemporary feeling. Strong design sensibility and each jewel is simple, one -of -a kind, natural and feminine. Fabienne Kriwin’s designs are the ultimate discovery to treasure for a lifetime.

Fifteen years ago, her passion for the magic of jewelry and stones naturally guided her the world of jewelry design. She always had a keen eye for beauty and  true passion for antique jewels exhibitions , contemporary arts and travel (her father was a famous art dealer ).

She chooses to trust only passionate Belgian craftsmen.

From classic yet almost whimsical tourmaline beaded earrings and necklaces to large statement rings that can transcend wear from day to evening, timeless elegant jewels that fits with her taste for pieces that have a soul.

In her words “I consider jewelry to be more than a simple adornment. It has a meaning, a memory, an aura emanating from it. I used brushed gold because of the soft and modern feeling it brings to each of my pieces. » Fabienne Kriwin follows her passion for the magic of stones, the simplicity of brushed gold, and feminine and harmonious contrasts.

Mix of tourmalines stones ( Brazil)
Mix of amethysts, pink quartz and prehnites stones


 The stones, all unique, are sourced in India, Brazil, Madagascar, Africa, and selected by Fabienne during her travels. Green, blue, pink, orangy, smoky, and burgundy red stones, all fascinate and inspire her for their subtle colors, size , intensity and cut. When an inclusion disturbs the perfection of the stone, it is to underline its complexity and authenticity.

The mysterious amethyst, the white or pink chalcedony, the different tones of aquamarine, the multi-colored tourmalines, the fascinating labradorite, the amazing lapis lazuli with its gold shards and magnetic quartz enhances her creations. If Fabienne Kriwin loves all the stones, she admits a special attraction for the tourmalines and its impressive palette of colors.
The jewels are sculpted in subtle 18 karat yellow brushed gold , delicate settings that surround the gems with a radiant softness. Fabienne Kriwin’s desire for pure shapes and designs is illustrated in generous jewels: feminine and spectacular rings, multicolored necklaces, refined and elegant brooches, and sweet as candy pendants and earrings.